Manifest Destiny

A Town Called Rattlebones

During a stop for water, a bedraggled man and his emaciated horse, both half-dead from a hard ride, stumbled into the Party’s presence. Before he died, he pleaded for help to save the people of Rattlebones in the Dakota Territories.

The founders named their town “Rattlebones” after a backbreaking trek through the most inhospitable and rock laden country ever endured by man. The land was hard and the people even harder.

The residents of Rattlebones have been driven out and are encamped in the hardscrabble terrain outside of town. The few who survived the retreat through the surrounding land refuse to discuss the nature of their enemy but they beg for help nonetheless. They promise reward for anyone who reclaims their town, though the task will be fraught with danger.

There is a secret in Rattlebones for those brave enough to search and a wealth of riches for the taking.


Hylden davehearn

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