Manifest Destiny

Other Ideas

Just some notes:

Train robbery
Posse roundup
cattle drive
search for gold
clear out Indians
Abandoned Mine
Ghost Town
Clear out Outlaws
Escort Prisoner
Escort Governor threatened with Assassination
Tong Gang war during Railroad construction
Brothel full of vampires
Defend town
Boothill, undead gunfight
Ghost herd

A Town Called Rattlebones

During a stop for water, a bedraggled man and his emaciated horse, both half-dead from a hard ride, stumbled into the Party’s presence. Before he died, he pleaded for help to save the people of Rattlebones in the Dakota Territories.

The founders named their town “Rattlebones” after a backbreaking trek through the most inhospitable and rock laden country ever endured by man. The land was hard and the people even harder.

The residents of Rattlebones have been driven out and are encamped in the hardscrabble terrain outside of town. The few who survived the retreat through the surrounding land refuse to discuss the nature of their enemy but they beg for help nonetheless. They promise reward for anyone who reclaims their town, though the task will be fraught with danger.

There is a secret in Rattlebones for those brave enough to search and a wealth of riches for the taking.

Chasing the Rail

A train, filled with delegates from Washington, is speeding toward the burgeoning town of Sorrowful, Nebraska. Sorrowful is hosting a meeting to discuss westward expansion into the Dakota Territories. When the train arrives, a grand celebration will begin. Unknown to passengers, the train is packed with dynamite, each car wired to explode when it reaches Sorrowful Station

The party needs to board the moving train, fight their way to the front, making sure not to harm civilians and stop the bombs. Each car is different: there are storage boxcars, a dining car, a sleeping berth, ect and each create their own physical challenges . The party must use their weapons, fists, and wits to make their way to the engine.


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