Skills and Attributes


Stats (or Statistics) are numerical assignments that reflect your character’s basic
capabilities. Higher Stat values indicate an advanced level of accomplishment or
achievement. Maximum Stat Value for any one stat (Body, Mind, or Soul) is 12

Body: This Stat measures the physical aspects of your character. This includes overall
health, strength, endurance, quickness, rate of healing, manual dexterity, and ability
to withstand trauma. A character with a high Body is in good physical shape.

Mind: The Mind Stat represents a character’s mental abilities. High values indicate
intelligent, witty, and quick-learning characters.

Will: The Will Stat represents luck, willpower, determination, and spirit and can
sometimes represent psychic ability, empathy, and unity with nature. A high rating
in the Will Stat helps a character focus his or her personal energies or life force to go
beyond his or her normal limits and to fuel special abilities.

Cost to increase Stats

The higher your character’s stat, the more it costs to improve.
|Cost per Point|Range|
*Alternative Rule, quick and easy, stats cost 2 points a piece


Skills may only go up to 4. Cost to purchase skills 3

General Skills

Skill Modifier
Crafting Body
History Mind
Labor Body
Medicine Mind
Perceiving Mind
Performing Will
Sneaking Body
Talking Will
Theiving Body
Tracking Mind
Wrangling Will
Attack Attack Value
Defense Defense Value

Skills and Attributes

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